Our company’s main business is to IMPORT, EXPORT AND DOMESTIC MARKETING of mines, metals and products that is made from metals with our expertise from TURKEY and across whole world.

From mine to product, our company has been a broker to retrieve products, with workers that are proficient in their respected fields. Our company’s currently represents market leader manufacturers as well as having a masterful stance in the process of mines, metals and metals-based products’ trades is in service as the future of our country’s economy is looking optimistic.

Our Vision:

Our company’s main principle is GROWTH and work OF HIGH QUALITY. With our primary focus being on copper and copper based products, we strive to be a WELL RESPECTED worldwide company in which we work with every metal available.


Our Mission:

To contribute to our country’s economy with individual health, with individual, with country’s benefits being our first must. We aspire to achieve this by using modern management systems.