As Q METAL, we aspire to be the leading foreign trade company in Turkey. We believe that human is the biggest force, and we strive to achieve our motto ‘human first’.

    Our companies non-changing human resources objectives are as follows:

    • To work with a competent human resources that internalizes diverse thinking,
    • To extend a competent human resources management system (Performance assessment, potential detection, career planning, organizational backup applications) to all of our workers,
    • To make sure that every single one of our worker feel like they are in a big family that values their worth,
    • To incentivize criticism and suggestions to our workers current organizational system,
    • To make sure that we educate and further enhance our workers’ perspectives as they strive for the optimal performance,

    If you think “I could work for these objectives”, then fill up our Human Resources form and come one step closer to joining us.